Speech Analyser for Call Center Data

Many businesses focus on customer relationship management systems and techniques to manage the relationships between them and their customers. Call Centers are a widely used technique to follow up on managing a company’s interaction with current and potential customers as well as customer satisfaction. A call center uses data analysis about the customers’ history with a company to improve business relationships with their customers, specifically focusing on customer retention and driving sales growth to the company.

Besides telecommunications companies, a lot of other non- telecommunications companies and organizations are also taking this technique on. An important aspect about this technique is that data coming into the company especially queries is compiled from a range of several communication channels including but not limited to; a company’s website, telephone calls, email, live chat, social media. Through telephone, we focus on voice and text that come in at the call center.

The Speech Analysis System for Call Center Data has been developed to provide accurate information about calls by providing a summarized and categorized output of received calls in form of a simple bar, line graph ,bar graph, pie chart, bubble chart or table. The system analyzes and produces business insights from recorded customer calls that aid in the organization’s performance evaluation and the decision making process as well.
The Speech Analyser for Call Center Data uses automated speech processing tools and classification algorithms to perform speech analysis.


The Development team.
Name Email Phone Education Interests
Prof. Engineer Bainomugisha  baino-@-cis.mak.ac.ug  +256794665051  PhD Computer Science  Mobile and pervasive computing Context-aware, reactive systems and context-driven interactions, Distributed systems, Software security, Cloud computing
Lutaaya Shafiq  lutayashafiq-@-gmail.com  +256702772721  Msc. Information Systems, BSc.Computer Science  Industrial Systems Engineeering, Human- Computer Interaction, Software Systems Engineering, Human Factors and Ergonomics, Research methodology, Knowledge Service Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Information Management Systems
Lusoma Joseph  josephlusoma-@-gmail.com  +256705781367  BSc.Computer Science  Automata, Complexity and Computability, Object Oriented Programming, Linear Programming
Samira Zein  samirazein20-@-gmail.com  +256705891024  BSc.Computer Science  Interaction Design, Artificial Intelligence, Requirements Engineering, User Interface Design, Object Oriented Programming, Knowledge sharing
Wasike Timothy  wasiketimothylambert-@-gmail.com  +256758803248  BSc.Computer Science  Content Management Systems, Graphics Design, Business Intelligence and Data warehousing

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